Diggipacks for all logistics services gives you all you need in the supply chain sector from warehousing, fulfillment & last mile delivery.


Our Services

First Mile

Diggi Packs have a special technology to receive your shipments and within one click our driver comes to you to receive your products and delivered to our warehouse, you will get all the updates through your Client dashboard or through the customer App.

Last Mile

We are cooperating with all professional shipping companies that will meet the needs of our customers as we consider it our responsibility as well as the customer has the right to choose the company which is suitable for the delivery to their consignments.


We provide you all the space your products need without overcharging and with an economical plan with high quality storage assurance with full packaging and daily reports on your stock movement.

Orders Processing

If you are suffering from previous companies that waste your stock, ship more than one product in one shipment, or suffer from the destruction of your products and lack of full care, DiggiPacks are the solution! Human error is possible but with our technology hold any order does not match pick list manifest  we have all the special technology to protect you from these problems


We are proud to be one of the first company that designed an intelligent system to deal with all the customer issues who were suffering from poor storage and delivery, we have integrated solutions to suit in Middle East to show the best results.


Now you can integration using our system with any E-commerce platform within 15 minutes using our plugins for Magento, Opencart, shopify, wordpress.


All our Technology are designed to manage the requirements for our customers and shipping partners as it will not return any shipment before your approval such as refusal or non-response, digital Packs systems work intelligently to accept or refuse to return orders to the stock in case the reason for return is not confirmed


DiggiPacks allow you to API your E-commerce platforms with our system to transfer order information automatically such as name, address and mobile number of your customers from your store to our systems and then processing the order in our warehouse.


Connect to Warehouses in different regions of Saudi Arabia Use our technology managed fulfillment centers or third party warehouses to ship domestically. Connect to as many or as few locations as you want, and store inventory strategically, close to end customers.

Customs Clearance

We provide you with an integrated logistic solution for importing, customs clearance of products and processing for distribution from our warehouses with most of the shipping companies available in the Saudi market.


Our Features

We are determined to make our customers more confident when they know our way of shipping, delivery and storage



Store your inventory in highly secure facilities.


Manage shipments by third party locations using latest technology of client dashboard.


Leverage our 3PL partner network.


Access 3+ Fulfillment hubs managed locations inside KSA.


Access 10,000 square meters of storage space.

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