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Reports are constantly updated for our partners in couriers companies

How is our method of choosing the right carrier for your business?

We are constantly working to evaluate all the shipping and delivery companies that work with us as we have a special client dashboard tells you about the best performance for delivery companies in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and therefore we choose the right partner according to the region and the speed of delivery as well as number of complaints, for example:

If we distribute 1000 shipments  for three carriers in riyadh city the following formula will be used to monitor their performance:


X Company

  • Delivery performance for Riyadh Hub 80%

X company got an excellent performance for delivery so automatically from our systems X company is certified for a big piece of volume to get a big percentage of shipments


Y Company

  • Delivery performance for Riyadh hub 65%

Y company got a BAD delivery performance so automatically from our systems Y is not approved in the future unless they have to work more on the delivery performance.


Z Company

  • Delivery performance for Riyadh hub75%

Z company got a GOOD delivery performance so automatically from our systems Z company is approved, which is the best delivery performance for a larger number of orders.

Your success is our success so we have developed the latest technology to increase the delivery performance automatically and this is what you will see in your client dashboard.

Focus on your Business and keep the rest be on us

We will use all of our technology for you… and we will receive, prepare and deliver your products on time


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